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11 Feb 2018

The Straight Path (Part 6)

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Now when we put together the two parts of the explanation that the Sheikh gave to this term, things really begin to become more clear. When he defined  what is meant by the term “The Straight Path”, we see that there really is no other way which will lead to absolute good and success, except the path that is being referred to by this term. There is clearly nothing but benefit and good that results from treading upon this path. As a matter of fact, I will go as far as suggesting the fact that after understanding the details of what is being referred to, it does not make sense to even contemplate following any other way.

As I mentioned before, we ask Allah to guide us to this straight path at least 17 times a day in our prayers. It is due time that we get a suitable understanding as to what exactly we are asking for, so it does not continue to just be another statement rolling off of our tongues. Don’t you agree?

Do yourself a favor and re-read this particular series. Really contemplate on what is being discussed. Understand that it is only from Allah’s many blessings upon you that you are able to really comprehend what is being referred to by this statement. Show your appreciation to Allah for it. Once these things are done, make sure to share this information with everyone you possibly can. It doesn’t matter if it is by word of mouth, sending the links or even re-posting this information on some of your own pages or sites. The thing that is important here, is that we benefit and do what we can to help make sure that beneficial knowledge reaches as may people as possible, whenever possible.

May Allah reward us all and truly guide us all to be of those who tread upon the straight path in truth. Allahumma ameen.

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