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8 Feb 2018

The Straight Path (Part 5)

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In the last part we were discussing the issue of Righteous Action. We learned what the Sheikh said he meant in his own words. Who ever needs to take a look can CHECK THIS LINK, to re-read the last post.

The purpose of this post is to ask another question. Can anyone of you think about another type of good action that the Sheikh himself did not mention? Subhanna Allah. Every type of good action that can be imagined is wrapped up somewhere in the short explanation that the Sheikh gave. Whether it be from a person’s belief, actions that are performed or actions that are avoided. There is nothing outside of this that will bring about any good. This includes any type of good in all times of the existence of an individual, whether it be in this life, in the grave or after being brought back for judgement.

To be continued …

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