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4 Feb 2018

The Straight Path (Part 4)

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The next part of this definition that I would like to discuss with everyone is the issue of the statement of the Sheikh, when he said, “Righteous Action”. We need to ponder over this issue deeply. We have to try to begin to internalize this statement, and make sure that it is applied correctly in each and every one of our lives. Therefore, I wanted to take a second to shed some light on the second part of this definition.

So then, what is it that we need to understand from the Sheikh’s statement? As a matter of fact, the Sheikh did not leave us to try to understand his statement on our own. Rather, he explained it himself. He said that “Righteous Action” is seeking a closeness to Allah by correct belief, the performance of both obligatory, as well as voluntary acts of worship and refraining from those things that we have been prohibited from doing.

To be continued …

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