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23 Jan 2018

The Straight Path (Part 2)

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So now we get back to the question at hand. For those of you that missed the last post, the question that we are talking about is – “What exactly is the Straight Path that we are supposed to be busying ourselves with during the course of our lives?”. During my studies, I have come across different explanations as to what this Straight Path is, and different descriptions of it. I think that so far, hands down, one of the best definitions or descriptions had to be probably the shortest one that I have seen yet. Even though it was one of the shortest, the words chosen said it all, al hamdulillah.

This was the one that The Sheikh Abdur Rahmaan as Sadi mentioned when describing this phrase. What he said was that the Straight Path is – Beneficial Knowledge and Righteous Action. Subhanna Allah. If you think about it, this just about sums it up in a simple statement. Now, of course the Sheikh did not leave it there, rather he explained his comment, but this simple way of looking at it, even before the explanation, really says a lot.

What we we will be doing in these next couple of posts, will be talking about his explanation of this definition, in sha Allah. So make sure to stay tuned. Barak Allahu Feekum!!!

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