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16 Jun 2014

The Second Class (The Fasting Series)

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As you all know, this is part of a set of classes entitled ‘The Fasting Series’. In it we are discussing fasting from more of a fiqh point of view, as we are running through each issue point by point with their different proofs, evidences and opinions. 

In this particular class we were focusing on that which the Scholars refer to as the pillars, or obligatory matters in terms of our fast. These are the issues that MUST be there in order for our fast to even be acceptable. 

This audio deals with both the issue of the Niyyah (Intention) in detail. We discuss issues of differing among the Scholars, their proofs and evidences and the strongest opinion. We also deal, in detail, with certain things that it is absolutely necessary that you stay away from while you are fasting. 

If you do not know the details about these things, or even the issues surrounding these points, then this audio is for you. With Ramadan right around the corner, as well as the non obligatory fasts that we do throughout the year, we do not have the luxury of not knowing these things. If we want our fasts to be acceptable, then we need to learn what has to be there so that it can be accepted.

We pray that this class is even more of a benefit for all of you as it was for those that were present for the class. Your comments are welcome below. Also, as usual we ask that, if you felt as though it is beneficial, that you share it with your friends and family, so that they can benefit from it as well. Barak Allahu feekum.


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