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27 Sep 2017

The Prostration of Forgetfulness

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Many people find that when they are praying, they seem to loose their place or make another type of mistake. They find themselves unsure as to what to do when this happens. Therefore, we are going do discuss today what is done and when we do it. 

The Prostration of Forgetfulness:

As you all are probably familiar with, there is a legislated way in which we make up for both some deficiencies as well as added actions or statements in our prayer. This is what is referred to when people talk about the ‘Prostration of Forgetfulness’. There are many different statements about this particular action, and today we want to discuss the whats and whys about this issue. This way, when we walk away from this article, the issue is crystal clear to everyone. You will see that the issue is much easier to both understand and implement then most people make it out to be.

Actions in the prayer:

There are three types of actions or statements in the prayer that possibly left off. These issues are very important, so make sure that you pay close attention to what is to come. These three things are what are categorized as:

  1. Fard
  2. Sunnan
  3. Hay’aat

What are each of these things?

Fard – Those actions and statements that the prostration of forgetfulness can not take the place of in the prayer. Rather if one remembers them close to the time of their normal time of performance, they go back to that thing and begin their prayer from there. Afterwards, they make the prostration of forgetfulness.

Sunnah – Those actions and statements that if one forgets, then reaches something else that is considered fard, then they do not return back to that position. This is what differentiates between this action/statement and the one above. They simply make the prostration of forgetfulness at the end of the prayer.

Hay’aat – These are those actions/statements that one also does not return back to after forgetting them. As well, the prostration of forgetfulness is not legislated as a way of making up for leaving of this aspect of the prayer.

Other Important Information:

If one has doubt as to how many units of prayer that they performed, then what they do is to build off of that which they have no doubt about. For instance, if a person is not sure whether it is the 3rd or 4th unit of ‘Asr prayer (or any four unit prayer) they are currently performing, then they build off of the 3 units they are positive about and leave the 4th one of which there is doubt about. This means that what is done is that they consider it to be the 3rd unit and pray another one after it. Once the last unit is prayed, they make the prostration of forgetfulness.

It’s Ruling – The prostration of forgetfulness is Sunnah.

When it’s done – It is performed before one makes the final tasleem (salaam). This is carried out in one of two ways. Either it is done before you make the tasleem, if you catch the mistake before the end of the prayer. Otherwise, if you catch it once you have already finished, then what is done is that you make the prostration of forgetfulness, and afterwards one makes another tasleem. Therefore, the meaning of this statement is that regardless of whether it is made before the end of the prayer or afterwards, there is a tasleem that comes after its performance. And Allah knows best.

May Allah increase us all in beneficial knowledge, and accept from all of us our worship.

Allahuma ameen.

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