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21 Aug 2014

The Point Behind It All (Series)

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bismillah In this particular series, we are discussing the reasons why Allah Ta’ala sent down the whole of the legislation. Unfortunately as Muslims, we haven’t really asked ourselves about the purpose of the sending down of the religion to the different Prophets and Messengers.

It is very important that we gain an understanding of this, not only for ourselves but as well for our families. This is so that we may call them to what is correct.

In this series you will find that there are a few different videos that will be played, one right after another automatically. They are short videos, so as to allow you in your spare time to be able to watch what you can so as to not take up too much time all at once.

Make sure that you check back with us from time to time. As you know, as with our other video series programs, we are frequently adding new additions to each playlist. 


[Note: To begin at a specific video in the series, simply click in the upper left hand corner of the video where it says “Playlist.”]

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