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The Medina Books Arabic Series

By Dr. V. Abdur Rahim

Another set of books that has proven over time, to greatly aide in teaching many students the Arabic Language are these books. We have been using these books for nearly a decade to help our students obtain a vast knowledge of the Arabic Language. It is not a surprise to most of you that we are not the only Academy or Institute that utilizes these books.

So, we decided to share with all of you, our current students and other than them, the links so that they may download them to their tablets, computers or mobile phones so as to get the benefit from them as well. Feel free to make use of the download links below. Also, make sure to share the links with your family and friends so they may also receive this benefit.

The benefit of these books;

  • The style of each lesson is very simplistic, yet very comprehensive.
  • They encompass most of everything that you will need to gain a working knowledge of the Arabic Language.
  • The vocabulary and phrases in these books are those that people use in their every day lives. So as you finish each lesson, you will be able to practice what you have learned and not have to worry about sounding strange to the average person, unlike some of the other teaching books.
  • This is a course that is taught in many of the Arabic Centers and Institutes world-wide. Therefore where ever you may go to further your studies, it should be easy to continue in books you have already grown familiar with using. 

Taking your learning experience to the next level;

For anyone interested in studying these books with one of our qualified teachers, you can take a look at some of our current plans at the link below.

Study This With a Teacher

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