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14 Jul 2012

The mannerisms of fasting

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  • What are the proper mannerisms for fasting?


  • From the mannerisms of fasting is to constantly be in a state where you are fearing Allah by doing those things He commanded and staying away from those things that He forbade us from. This is because the statement of Allah {Oh you who believe, prescribed upon you is the fast just as it was upon those that came before you so that you may be of those that have taqwah} (2:183). Also the statement of the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Who ever does not leave off bad speech, acting in accordance with it and ignorance than Allah is not in need of his leaving off of his food and drink” (narrated by al Bukhari).
  • Also from the mannerisms of fasting are  to give a lot of charity, piety, being good to the people especially in Ramadan. The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings was from the best of the people. He was the best that he was during Ramadan when Jibril used to meet him and study with him the Quran (narrated by al Bukhari).
  • From them as well is to stay away from that which Allah make impermissible from lying, insulting, cursing, cheating, deception, looking at women you are not supposed to be looking at, listening to things that are impermissible and other then that from the impermissible things that it is an obligation for the fasting person and other then  him to stay way from. When we are talking about the fasting person then this is even more befitting.
  • Taking sahur (the food eaten before beginning the fast)  is from these mannerisms of fasting also. The sahur is something that is delayed. This is known buy the statement of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) “Make sahur, for verily in sahur is a blessing” (Narrated by al Bukhari and Muslim).
  • To break fast with a ripe date is from the mannerisms of fasting as well. If that is not available then you can use a dry date. If you do not have that as well, then you  should use water. You should try to break your fast as soon as you know the sun went down or either you are almost positive that it has. This is because the statement of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) “There will not cease to remain to be good in the people as long as they continue to rush to break their fast…” (Reported by al Bukhari and Muslim).

[Taken from Fatawah Arkan al Islam by Sheikh Uthaimeen]

[Translated by Abu Abdillah Abdul Lateef]



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