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22 Jan 2015

The Importance Of The Quran

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In this short video reminder, we discuss with you a problem that many of us see, but fail to recognize. We as Muslims, know that the Quran is the speech of Allah. We know it is that which was sent down as a way of guidance from the Lord of the Worlds. Yet, for some reason, many of us fail to pick it up, read it and gain benefit from it on a regular basis. So many of us do not even turn to it when the time comes that we know we are in need of that which is between the two covers. This is a situation that needs to be addressed with every one of us.

This is why we ask that you not only listen to this message a few times, but also help to spread this particular video. Once you see it for the first time, you will see why it is a must that you send it to your friends and families.

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