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15 Aug 2015

The Fundamental Aspects of Emaan

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We here at Arabic Virtual Academy are pleased to announce the newest of our projects. This particular project is an audio book entitled ‘Teaching The Fundamental Aspects of Emaan and The Explanation of The Prohibitors of Emaan’. Imaam as Sa’di (may Allah make his grave spacious) is the author of this book, and he needs no introduction. 

A book of this sort is very important for Muslims of all levels. It is very beneficial for both the new Muslim, as it shows them what the belief system of the Muslim contains, as well as how we believe in these things. Furthermore, it’s a great review for the seasoned student of knowledge both as a review, as well as being a great outline to use when trying to teach the people these issues. 

The book stands out from other books of it’s type due to the fact that not only has the Sheikh simplified the different aspects of the Emaan of the Muslim, but he has put it in question and answer form. This not only simplifies the issue of seeing the point of the different sections, but also it aides in memorizing the answers so that you have them with you where ever you may be, when ever you need them. 

As you all know, the way that these Audio Book Programs work, is that after registering below you will receive a Syllabus that you will want to keep downloaded on your computer. This Syllabus is what gives you constant access to both the current as well as all of the previous classes. 

Each week there will be another 45 minute to one hour (downloadable) class posted to the Syllabus. You will receive an email telling you that the new class was added, along with a link to the syllabus. When you follow the link to the syllabus, you will find the options to both listen to the class as well as download it (for those of you that wish to keep the audios locally on your computer or tablet). This will continue to happen weekly until the book has been completed, just as all of our other audio books. 

Yes it really is that simple. All there is left to do is to register. The audio book will only cost you a simple $12.97 (usd). So as you see, the book itself that would take you time to translate as well as read word for word, but we have made the whole process more simple. On top of this, you can take it anywhere and listen to it at anytime with the ENGLISH TRANSLATION. What more can you ask for? At this price, it is something that no household can afford to go without, especially when we consider the topic. 

So lets stop delaying and get registered. 

To register you need to make your payment  of $12.97 below. Once the payment is made, you will be asked to put in your basic information so that the Syllabus can be sent to the proper email address. And you will be on your way to begin benefiting from the jewels that the Sheikh left for us in this book. 

Click the link below, make your $12.97 (usd) payment and submit your information, and we will begin our journey together.

[Make sure to register now!!!]

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