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28 Jun 2014

The Fourth Class (The Fasting Series)

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Welcome to the “Fasting Series” brought to you by Arabic Virtual Academy. This is the fourth class of the series and in today’s class we discussed the issue of fasting at different times throughout the year.  Not only did we discuss the issue of fasting outside of Ramadan, but we also discussed the ruling of fasting on these different days.

When we talk about fasting, unfortunately the only thing that comes to many of even the minds of the Muslims is Ramadan only. There are many other months and days of the year where either fasting is recommended, disliked or even impermissible. So we spent some time bringing some of these days to light, as well as their different rulings.

As usual we did not stop only with mentioning the days and rulings, rather we discussed proofs and evidences for everything that we mentioned. We used short hadeeth as references so as to make them easy for even the youth that take this course to be able to easily remember.

We pray that this class is even more of a benefit for all of you as it was for those that were present for the class. Your comments are welcome below. Also, as usual we ask that, if you felt as though it is beneficial, that you share it with your friends and family, so that they can benefit from it as well. Barak Allahu feekum.


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