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21 Jul 2014

The ‘Eid Prayer Workshop

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We welcome you to one of our very important FREE workshops. As you know there are two ‘Eids every year for the Muslim. They are celebrations that Allah gave to the Muslims and set for us limitations as to what we should and should not be doing. This is why we felt as though it was so important that we put together this particular course.

It seems as though many of us have been Muslim for years, and still are not sure exactly how things are supposed to go on the day of the ‘Eid. Many of us have gotten used to just following the leader, and doing as everyone else is doing. We feel as though it is time to stop this cycle. It is now time that we learn for ourselves, so that when we partake in this worship, we know what we are doing and that we are doing it according to the Quran and the Sunnah.

There for if you find yourself tired of;

Going to the Masjid and being forced to just follow along.

Not knowing how many takbiraat there are in the prayer.

Being confused about when the takbiraat are done after which prayers.

Not being able to perform the ‘Eid khutbah, because it was never explained to you how it is done.

Then you know that this FREE COURSE is for you.

There is nothing to loose, and everything to gain. We can not continue going through life not knowing these things and more. If we don’t learn it for our own sake, than we should do so to raise the ignorance from those around us.

Take a second and fill out the information below. After completing the registration process you will immediately receive a course syllabus that contains;

All of the links to the course videos.

Downloadable Mp3 audios.

And even the course notes as a power point.

So as you see, there is no reason to continue delaying. Fill out the information below and you will be able to start the course today.

The ‘Eid Prayer Workshop

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