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23 Jun 2015

أثر العبادات في حياة المسلم

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This is another excellent book that we do from time to time in our online classroom. It is a very beneficial book by Sheikh Abdul Muhsin al Abbad. It is entitled, “Effects Of Worship In The Life Of The Muslim.” This class is usually done for those that have previously studied the Arabic Language up to an intermediate level. We find that this enables our students to follow along and grasp most if not all of the vocabulary in the book. 

We do not though make this a requirement. Many times we find people register for this class just to listen to the advice of the Sheikh. So everyone is welcome. 

The link to the below is our gift to all of you. Whether or not you choose to take the class with us, or want to have a private tutor teach you this book on your own time. We advise you to get your free copy of the book from the link below, and benefit from every word between its covers. 


Download Link:

[أثر العبادات في حياة المسلم]




For anyone interested in studying with one of our qualified teachers, you can take a look at some of our current plans at the link below.

[Studying With Arabic Virtual Academy]

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