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13 Jul 2012

Taking a ghusl after Fajr for the fasting person

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  •  If the woman’s menses stopped before Fajr and she took her ghusl after the sun came up, then what is the ruling of her fast?
  • Her fast is correct if she is sure that her menses stopped before Fajr came began. That is the important factor here. This is because some of the women think their menses have ended but they haven’t. This is the reason the women used to bring the cotton to A’isha (may Allah be pleased with her). They would show it to her to find out if they showed the signs of purity. She would say to them, “do not rush until you see the white cotton”. So what is upon the woman is to be patient until she knows for sure that she is clean from her menses. If it is over for sure, then she makes the intention for fasting even if she is not going to take her ghusl until after Fajr comes in. At the same point in time though, it is upon her to hurry to take her ghusl so that she makes sure to pray her prayer in it’s allotted time period.
  • It has reached us that some of the women’s menses stop after the time of the Fajr prayer has started, or before hand, but they wait until after the sun comes up to take a ghusl. They say they do this  so that they can take a better more complete ghusl, and this is wrong inside and outside of Ramadan. This is because it is an obligation upon them to perform the prayer. If she wants to take a better ghusl after the sun comes up, then for her is to do that if she pleases. The example of a menstruating woman is like the one who is in the state of sexual impurities and did not take a ghusl until after the time for the Fajr prayer had begun. For this woman there is no problem with what she has done and her fast is correct. Just like a man if he is in a state of sexual impurities, but he did not purify himself from it until after Fajr came in, there is no problem for him to fast. This is shown from the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) that Fajr would come in and he would be in a state of sexual impurities and he would fast and make ghusl after Fajr came in (narrated by both al Bukhari and Muslim). And Allah knows best.


[Taken from Fatwah Arkan il Islam by Sheikh Uthaimeen]

[Translated by Abu Abdillah Abdul Lateef]



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