Steps Toward A Happy Marriage Workshop




This is a long needed program that we have put together for those that are looking for some help, either for yourselves or for others in terms of marital relations. We as Muslims are suffering in the arena of “Successful Marriages.” Everytime we look up, we find that someone else has gotten a divorce.  This is a trend that needs to stop now!!! We are the generation that needs to put it to rest. May Allah aide us all in doing so. Allahuma ameen.

So we have put this course together, with the intention of sharing with you, some of the solutions that we see from the Sunnah of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) in terms of dealing with how to keep our marriages alive and families together. In this 22 module course we will enlighten you about these ways, their importance and the harm that may come from their absence.

This course, as you know from our other courses, will entail us sending you a syllabus which contains all of the links to the modules.  We do this so that you always have access the course, even years after you have watched the course for the first time. . This is because making a marriage work takes time, especially when we are trying to repair damage that is already done. So we show you how to do this in steps. 22 steps to be exact. If applied, we are sure that you will see a difference in you marriage and family structure if you are patient and remain committed to the program.

The cost of this course is $64.97. That consists of not only these 22 informative videos, but also you will receive a link to download the MP3 audio file of each and every lecture to listen to at your own leisure. We hope that you understand that this means you will be paying less than $3.00 per video and audio download.

What more could we possibly do to provide you with what you need? These are not videos talking about cars, buses or planes. In this workshop, we will be discussing the possible future of your family structure. The time has come for you to invest in your relationship, family and future. We made this program because we know that your relationship is worth trying to improve. Now it is up to you to take that step needed to improve it.


The steps for registration are simple;


1.  Pay the registration fee of $64.97 


2. After your payment is made, you will be taken to another screen where you will enter  your name and email address so that we can make sure that your courses is delivered to you correctly. Once this step is done, you will receive your course syllabus which we mentioned previously. 


We welcome you to our course, We are sure that you will get as much benefit from it as those that came before you. Barak Allahu Feekum.


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