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19 Jul 2012

Singling out Friday for fasting

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  • What is the reason for the prohibition of singling out Friday with a fast? Does this prohibition include the non obligatory fasts?


  • It is was reported on the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) that he said, “do not single out Friday by fasting or its night by standing in prayer” (narrated by Muslim). The reason for not singling out Friday for the fast is that it is the Eid of every week. It is one of the three legislated Eids. This is because Islam has three Eids – Eid al fitr from Ramadan, Eid al Adhah and the weekly Eid (Friday). The prohibition came for this specific reason. Friday is a day where the men go to the Jum’uah prayer, make supplication and remembrance of Allah.  So it is like the day of Arafat, of which it is not legislated for the one on hajj to fast. This  is because he becomes  busy with supplication and remembrance of Allah. That which is known is that  when different types of worship are brought together that some can be delayed, then the ones that cant be delayed is what you must put forth and establish first.


  •  So if someone says: Verily the understanding that the fact that this is the weekly Eid means leads us to understanding that it is impermissible like the other two Eids not just in terms of singling it out
  • We say: It is different then the other two Eids. This is because it repeats every month four times. So, because of this the prohibition in it does not show its impermissiblity. There are other  things about the two Eids that are not true for the Friday prayer.
  • As far as one fasting the day before it or after it, then this fast lets us know that the purpose is not singling out the day by fasting it. This is because he fasted the day before (Thursday) or the day after it (Friday).
  • As far as the statement of the questioner – Is it specific for non obligatory or is this about making up the fast as well?
  • Then that which is apparent from the proofs is that it is general, and that it is  disliked to single it out with fasting whether it is an obligatory fast or voluntary fast. This is with the exception of the one  that works, and there is no way for him to make up his fast except on Fridays. For this person it is not disliked for him to single out Friday as his day of fasting. Just remember that this is only because he is someone that his situation necessitates that.

[Taken from Fatawah Arkan al Islam by Sheikh Uthaimeen]

[Translated by Abu Abdillah Abdul Lateef]

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