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9 Oct 2016

Rulings in Islam (part 5)

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Today we want to discuss with you the issue of something being said to be “Haraam”. It is important that we begin to correctly understand what this term means due to the fact that people throw it around so often, that it’s meaning may change depending on who is using it. So we want to return back to the technical meaning of the word according to the Scholars of Shareeyah. They have explained that it is something which Allah has commanded us to stay away from, so much so, that there is a promise of a reward for doing so if done out of obedience, and a threat of possible punishment for those that knowingly and willing engage in this prohibited act.

So we need to keep in mind that when we talk about something being “Haraam” it is a big deal. We can not look at it as though it is not a problem, and tell ourselves that everyone does it. Rather we must understand that Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, is the one that gave the command for us to stay away from this thing. We need to also keep in mind that the one that has created us and loves us promises  a reward that we can not imagine for just simply obeying Him and staying away from those things that He has forbidden. Likewise, He has warned, taking part in this action knowingly, the threat of a punishment that no mind can possibly fathom.

Therefore, it should be clear that this situation of partaking in haraam actions is not as light an issue as we have become accustomed to believing. It is something major that we need to try harder to refrain from so that we can strive to obtain the pleasure of Allah and not His anger.

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