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6 Oct 2016

Rulings in Islam (part 4)

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Today I will be discussing the issue of something being said to be ‘Makrooh”. This means generally that the issue is disliked. But more specifically it means that Allah has told us to stay away from doing these actions because of all the harm that usually comes from them. This term points to the fact that even though there is  generally no punishment for participating in these acts, it is a situation that you have been told to stay away from, even if you do not understand why.

One major problem that people seem to have, is that they do not take into consideration who is the one that dislikes these actions. Many times we look at this as though we are talking about just any old person from the creation not liking what we are doing. We don’t take into consideration that the one that is telling us not to do these things is  Allah. When we see this as the reality, it changes the whole picture. We start seeing these disliked matters as a big thing once this is pointed out. It not longer is a situation where we say if i leave it then ok, but if i do it then ok, as long as there is no punishment tied to it, I am free to do what I please. After putting what Allah likes and dislikes into the equation, things really begin to become more clear about the importance of leaving these things off.

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