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2 Oct 2016

Rulings in Islam (part 2)

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The next ruling that we want to discuss with you is the one that is called ‘Mandoob’. This term means that it is something that Allah told us to do, but not so much that it is a command that comes with a punishment for leaving off out of disobedience. This is what differentiates between that which is waajib and that which is mandoob.

Yes, there is still a promise of a reward if you do this action out of trying to be obedient to Allah, but as we just stated, there is no promise of a punishment for knowingly and willingly leaving it off. An example of this is your fasts that you do outside of Ramadan, other than the days you do to make up the days missed in Ramadan. Another example are those Sunnah prayers that you do before and after the obligatory prayers that one prays five times a day. The examples of the different acts of worship that carry this ruling are very many, but i think the ones that were mentioned aided in clarifying what is meant by this term.

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