Registration For Our Online Classroom


We welcome you to our Online Academy. As you are already aware, we offer many different types of classes through our online virtual classroom. You have probably come across this page because there is an ongoing class for which you would like to register. We wanted to take the time to walk you through the process of registration, as a way of simplifying this process for all of you. 

On this page, we will walk you through to process step by step. If at anytime you have any questions or concerns you can easily contact us on our [Contact Us Page], and we will have one of our representatives respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. 

The simple steps that you need to follow are;

1) To access our online profile which will allow you to register for our classroom [Click On This Link] .

— If you do not already have an account with WiZiQ you will need to register for an account on the page that appeared, and then restart with step one. 

— If you are not signed into WiZiQ, you will need to sign into the page which appears in front of you. Once you do this, begin again with step one.

2) On the page that appears, you want to both click to ‘Add Our Account’, as well as ‘Follow Our Account’. This is important as it will enable us to add you into which ever classes it is for which you would like to enroll.

3) The next step is to send us a message from your WiZiQ account letting us know which class it is specifically in which you desire to enroll. 

4) Once you receive the invitations to the classes in your email box, you will need to accept them in order to participate. If there are multiple invitations, it is best that you register for them all at one time. This will aide you in the future. The program will send you a message reminder about the class. As well, you will not have to keep track of which classes you registered for, and which ones you did not register for already. This will reduce problems with your joining future classes. 

After completing these four easy steps, you will find that not only have you registered for our online classroom, but as well for any classes that you were interested in taking. Again, if you find that you are having difficulties, you can always contact us from [Our Contact Us Page]. We will be glad to assist you with any other inquiries.


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