Reaching The Goal

Are you not yet tired of having someone else spoon feed you your religion as we do our children when they can not do if for themselves? Then the next two questions are, What is big difference between me and those who do not need to be spoon fed? And what do I have to do to bridge the gap between me and them? The big difference between the two groups is that one side of the scale took time out to learn the necessary tools, and the other side did not AS OF YET. I say the term “AS OF YET” because now the opportunity to balance out the scale is in front of you as we speak. Are you ready to reach out and grab that tool?

What is this tool that we keep referring to? It is of course, the Arabic Language. The time has come for all of us to begin to understand the Scholars when the speak to us. It is time that we are able to read their books and even when given the opportunity to be able to, even ask a question directly to the Scholar from our own speech and voices. Isn’t this what we have been saying we wanted? When is a better time to get started then now?

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