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8 Jun 2017

Ramadan Reminders (Part 6)

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The last aspect that we want to discuss with you about the book of Allah, which was sent down in this month is very important, so you must really pay close attention. This is the issue of that which will aide each and every one of us, in our daily lives. The Book of Allah is one which shows us those things that will be a benefit to us, as well as those things that will do nothing but cause us harm. We as mankind are generally hasty and do not look long term. We have a tendency of jumping before we leap and harming ourselves when doing this. Is there one of you that can deny that this has happened to them many times in their lives? We do this because we do not know what will be of real benefit most times, and we just go with things that seem right.

But we need to understand that Allah knows us and our needs. He knows us and that which is truly best for us. We can not possibly deny that Allah knows what’s better for us, due to the fact that He is our Creator and He is the only one that has unlimited  knowledge of all things. He knows what the outcome will be if we follow this path, or if we take another one. In the Quran, Allah has explained to us those things that are real benefit and those things that will ultimately harm us if we choose to approach them. He has even given us examples after examples of stories where those before us chose that which was right and that which was wrong, then explained the outcome of both. All of this was done out of His love for us in general, and His love for you in specific. Stop and think about this for a second.

So in conclusion, we need to remember that Allah chose this blessed month to send this Book down as a mercy and a benefit to mankind. We need to be thankful to him for that. In it He has explained to us that which will be beneficial to us all, lead us to being successful and happy, both in this life and in the next.

May Allah aide us all in having a real appreciation for that wonderful gift that He has sent down to us during this blessed month. Allahuma ameen. 

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