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6 Jun 2017

Ramadan Reminders (Part 5)

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As we were talking before about the fact that the sending down of the Quran as one of the things which set this month aside from all of the months in the Islamic year, we want to discuss something else about the Speech of Allah. This is the fact that the Quran is not only a light that extinguishes the darkness, but it is a book that helps you to distinguish between truth and falsehood. After you sit and think about this for a minute, you will see how much of a dire need we all have to have a continual relationship with the Book of Allah. 

When we think about all of the falsehood that surrounds us everyday, all of the trials that are going on, all  of the stories that are being told, we see that we need something that aides us in seeing the truth, and differentiating between it and falsehood. Many times, we are surrounded with so many stories that we don’t know which way to turn, nor what stories to believe. Sometimes this even happens in issues that are personal or dear to us as individuals. It should add some comfort to us to know that the Quran is the thing that has the answers in it for us. 

All of this holds true when talking about our relationship with Allah. It also holds true when we talk about stories of past nations that have long gone, yet when we hear about them, we hear hundreds of different stories about the reality of their situations. Sometimes groups or types of people come to us with one face, yet they are described in the Quran exactly, and lets us know about their plots, plans and real intentions before they are able to  bring their harm. Ma sha Allah. This is easy because it is from the one that created the heavens and the earth. Who knows the creation and their deepest desires and secrets better than the one that created them and their desires?

Subhanna Allah.

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