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4 Jun 2017

Ramadan Reminders (Part 4)

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As promised, we want to take a minute to discuss the issue of the importance of the sending down of the Revelation during the course of this blessed month. We need to stop just looking at the Mushaf when we see it as another book on the shelf. Rather we need to begin to see it for what it really is in actuality. We need to begin to understand that the Quran is a miracle and a mercy that was sent down to mankind from the Lord and Creator of all that has ever been created. Why is it so hard for many people to see this?

The Quran was sent down as Allah has stated many times in both His book and on the tongue of His Messenger (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him), is a guidance for mankind that brings them out of the darkness into the light. I really want you to stop for a second and ponder on this statement. This is something mighty. Think about how you would feel in complete and total darkness, yet you find that someone shines some light, or sheds a light that enables you to see the reality of what is around you and be guided out of that darkness. This is the way in which we all need to look at the Book of Allah. This is because it is in all actuality, much better than whatever we could imagine when it comes to the situation of being in that complete and total darkness that we were just talking about. Do you see this to be true?

For more information about this issue [CLICK HERE].

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