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10 Aug 2015

Questions and Answers Dealing With The Fundamentals Of Emaan

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This is another one of the books that we read in “The Book Club” that takes place in Our Online Classroom. It is a famous book by Imaam as Sa’di which is a must read for anyone trying to find out more about the fundamentals of the belief system of the Muslim. One of the things that makes this book such a incredible jewel, is that it comes in question and answer form. This enables you to really focus in on the intent of each section, and gain a clear understanding in terms of what we as Muslims need to be upon. 

As usual, we are making this book available to not only those that are taking the live sessions with us in The Academy Online Classroom, but we are also encouraging those that can not attend to download a copy of the book. This particular book is too important to pass over. If for some reason that you can not read the book yourself at this point, it is important that you get with your local Imam and request that this book is taught, so the entirety of the Ummah can be moving in one direction upon clarity. 


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[سؤال وجواب في أهم المهمات تعليم أصول الإيمان وبيان موانع الإيمان]



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