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9 Apr 2017

Proofs That It’s The Truth (Part 7)

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The next issue that we want to discuss which proves the fact that the Quran didn’t come from anyone or thing, other than Allah, is the issue of it telling about things that will come about in the future. For those of you that have become history buffs, I’m sure that you’ll find this one intriguing. As you know, there were things that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him) was informed about that which going to happen well before they happened. He was even given the details about these happens in many instances. 

The mere fact that he had access to this type of information and the fact that it has part of the Quran should leave no doubt in any of our minds as to where the information came from. As Muslims we understand that no one or nothing knows the unseen other than Allah. Some people may say these things were mere guesses. The reality though is the fact that this idea is not only inconceivable, but also impossible. One may ask “why”. The answer is the fact that the details were ALWAYS right on point. No one has the ability to do this, or to have shared all of this information other than Allah The All-Knowing, The Creator of all in existence.

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