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20 Apr 2017

Proofs That It’s The Truth (Part 12)

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The next situation is the fact that it both was and is impossible for anyone to make anything even close to comparable to the Book of Allah. This holds true in so many facets. The one in specific we will be discussing now, is the issue of language.

As you all know, the pagan Arab from the time of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him) were known to  be extremely educated in certain areas, but they stuck out far beyond everyone else in terms of their abilities and capabilities when it came to the Arabic language. There was not anyone that could compare with them in terms of it’s usage and understanding.

When the Quran was revealed some of them tried to say it was from the speech of other than Allah. So Allah challenged them to come with something similar to it, but even with all their understanding and abilities when it comes to the Arabic language, they were unable to do so.

Make sure to follow this issue so that you will understand how this comes about. In the next post, I will bring step by step how this happened.

As I said before:

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