Types of Classes

We  are excited to offer  you lots of packages that we are positive will meet any and all different schedules. Generally we have three main types of programs. The first of them is the program that is aimed more towards those who either have not yet begun to learn the Arabic Language, or those that have started and are looking to complete their knowledge of the Language. We also offer a set of classes for those that have already completed an Arabic program, and wish to continue their studies. Last but definitely not least we have a wonderful Quranic Memorization Program. By offering you these programs we pretty much cover many of the needs for most families who are interested in furthering their studies.


Some of the programs that we offer to those that are desiring to study the Arabic Language are;


The Medina Books

Al Kitaab al Asaasi

Al Mukhtaar

Arabiyyah Bayna Yadaik



Some of the programs that we offer to those that have previously studied the Arabic Language we teach the explanations of such books as; 

Al Bayqooniyah

Muqadimah al Ajroomiyah

Al Waraqaat

Al Aqeedah al Wasateeyah

Al Qawaa’id al Fiqhiyah

Al Usool as Sittah

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