Preparing For Ramadan


There is NO WAY that a Muslim should go into the month of Ramadan, feeling as though a burden has come upon them. If we really understood that which was coming upon us, we would be excited about its coming. This would have caused us to begin to prepare for it in advance. The fact that you have not done this in the previous years, and that you still have not begun to prepare yourself this year, is proof that this workshop is necessary.

As well, we want you to ask yourself one simple question;

If your neighbor became Muslim and came to ask you how does one prepare for the coming of Ramadan, how would you respond to them?

The fact that so many of us have been Muslim for so long, and can not sit down and explain this to someone, just goes to further prove that many of us need to take this workshop for OUR OWN SELVES. We just can not continue on like this.

The cost of this workshop is originally $29.97 (usd). Due to the fact that Ramadan is right around the corner, and that we know that this program is one that is needed in all of our households, we’ve decided to lower the price for the next week. We will be offering  this workshop for ONLY $12.97 (usd). That is over 50% off. This is because we want to be able to cut off any and all excuses anyone would possibly have for not being able to benefit form this course. So Register Now!!!

This workshop consists of eight videos which will walk you and your household through those things that you need to begin working on today in order to properly begin to prepare yourselves for the coming of Ramadan. It is so close, that there is no real time to waste. So Hurry And Register!!!

The registration is simple. Just as with our other workshops and courses, what needs to be done is the payment needs to be made below. Once this is done, you will be asked to confirm your email address and other information so that they online syllabus can be delivered to the right email address. On this syllabus you will find the link to each one of the videos. By saving this syllabus, you will have constant access to this workshop at anytime from the time of arrival and for many months and years to come. Stop Delaying And Register Today!!!

To begin the workshop, make your payment below then register your information and receive the syllabus to the course. It really is that simple.


Click below to make your payment of only $12.97 for this limited time.


We welcome you to our workshop.

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