Your First Step Towards Enrollment



We are pleased to welcome all of you to The Arabic Virtual Academy. Here at the academy we have several different programs for students in all different walks of life, and on all different levels. Some of our programs require a certain skill level. Therefore, we require before entering some of our programs that you take a placement test to determine at which level you should begin to give you the most benefit possible during your studies.

The process for those serious about registering and working to further their knowledge through our program is simple.

1. Complete the registration process for potential students at this link – [CLICK HERE].

2. Decide which program in which you would like to enroll. The details about these programs can be found in ‘The Academy’ section of the website.

3. For those of you what would like to take the Arabic Program and do not want to start at the beginning, there is a placement test that you can take which will enable  us to place you in the appropriate level.

4. Proceed to the page for the program in which you would like to enroll and pick the package that you would like. From there you need to register for the desired program and you will be on your way to enjoying the same opportunity that people have enjoyed for years, but in the comfort of your own homes.

[Click Here]  to read our Student Guidelines. 

If you have any further questions, you will find a contact us link at the top of this page which will allow you direct contact to our staff, which are able to help you further with any questions or concerns about our program.

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