Special Studies – Option 3


We here at Arabic Virtual Academy are pleased to welcome you to our ‘Special Studies Program’This course will give you the one-on-one time with your instructor that will enable you to correctly understand these books that the Scholars have written.

The cost of the course is $110.00 (usd) per month. For this you will have an intensive class where  the whole of the book you have chosen to study will be discussed. The vocabulary will be explained, as well as the topic at hand, so that you will be able to begin the next step in your studies. In this particular course, you will meet with your instructor twelve times per month (three classes per week) for a period of one hour per class.

Being as though this is  one of our intermediate courses, we will be assuming that you have the ability to read the Arabic Language to some extent. This is not a dire necessity. We have found that if you have the ability to follow along with the text, that you will not only benefit from the subject, but be able to increase in your vocabulary at the same time. Though, as we stated that this is not a must. For the first few minutes of the first class, your teacher will assess your understanding of the language and design a course that will help you optimize the benefit that you obtain in the course.

If you have any further questions about the course you can contact us at Info@ArabicVirtualAcademy.com.

For those of you whom would like to begin taking advantage of this course make your payment below. Once the payment is made, you will be sent to a page in which you will be asked to fill out our short registration page. Once this is done, a teacher will be assigned to you and will contact you within a 24 to 48 hour time-frame from the time that we receive  your payment, to arrange the details and times of your class.

Yes it really is that simple. So, stop delaying and begin your registration process NOW!!!

To complete the registration process;

Use this button to pay the monthly $110.00 (usd) course fee 

Again, we are please to welcome you to our course.

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