Balaagah – (Eloquence)


Now this one really is one of our more popular set of courses. This is one of those sciences that people choose to study after they have already gained a fairly good mastery of both Nahu and Sarf and are looking to find out about the issue of Balaagah (Eloquence). This is the course that people look to once they have figured out how to properly construct their words, phrases and sentences. Now they are looking to gain some type of beautiful way to put their speech together in a way that really puts the icing on the cake. 

For those of you that already have some sort of idea about what balaagah really is, already know that it is made up of three major sciences inside itself. Our instructors are more than capable of teaching you all three of these sciences. They are the sciences of Al Bayyan (Expression), Al Ma’ani (Meanings) and Al Bad’i ().

Now what you need to do is to figure out which of these sciences you would like to begin studying first.

–You want to [Click Here] to begin studying the science of Al Bayyan.

–You want to [Click Here] to begin studying the science of Al Ma’ani.

–You want to [Click Here] to begin studying the science of Al Bad’i.

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