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Why We Started


AVA is a small family project, led by myself, with the intention of helping those of our brothers and sisters with busy lives that find it difficult to study on a full or part time basis. We saw the need for those who want to study, world wide, but due to time restraints and commitments find it very difficult. This obstacle is what led us to try and utilize the virtual sphere through audios, short workshops utilizing video and written articles. Anyone visiting our site will find a lot of valuable information given in small piece meal sections so as not to over burden the Muslim student on the go.

Our project was founded nearly a decade ago, by me, a graduate of Al Azhar University as well as The Nile Arabic Institute in Cairo Egypt, with the help of my family. The original purpose of Arabic Virtual Academy was to teach the various sciences related to the Arabic Language. As the Academy itself began to grow, we began taking on other teachers who either also graduated from some of the other well known Language Institutes, Colleges and Universities, to fit the demand of the influx of new students from all around the globe. We found our Academy was a major source of education in not only households, but as well Islamic Centers, Charter Schools and even in some of the different Masaajid.

This brings us to the next point. We found that the need of the Arabic language grew. This was due to the language being the ultimate tool in order to understand our beautiful Deen. We are a project that began due to the fact that we saw the need of many Muslims around the world, and felt responsible for aiding our brothers and sisters worldwide. The number of people that are not able to leave their respective countries and travel in order to learn this language, for one reason or another, is far greater than we can ever imagine. Therefore, we felt it necessary to bring this experience to them in their own homes, so that they may study in their own time and at their own pace.



Now, we here at Arabic Virtual Academy have branched out, and for years have been providing the Muslims worldwide with an accurate piece meal education about Islam and its various sciences. We offer the different communities, in different countries the opportunity to learn those science and topics that are necessary not only in our households, but also in our communities.

What we try to do, is make the task easy for anyone who desires a working knowledge of this religion. We deliver, to the student, the knowledge that many people travel for and study for years into the comfort of homes, centers, schools and local Massajid. We supply a number of valuable learning tools to those interested in learning about the different aspects of this beautiful Religion.

We offer both free and paid workshops about various issues. Some of our workshops even offer an online-education-learning-laptop Certificate of Completion, once the course is over. We online-education-learning-laptophave offer occasional webinars about different topics that many have found important topics that need to be discussed in the various communities. We have a number of free audio, video and textual documents to download which are also very valuable learning tools. We have now branched into producing our own publications with the intention of producing more in the future.

The benefit does not stop there. As you look through our site, you will find that there are a plethora of FREE audios, videos and articles that are placed there for everyone’s benefit. These are for the usage of our students, as well as those just passing through. Our site is updated regularly, and if desired anyone can join our mailing list, and receive the updates as they appear, directly in your email inbox.

So as you see, regardless of whether you are looking for something for your household, school or community, we have what you need. If for any reason you need to contact us, we have contact us tab on the website itself, which is easily located in the menu bar above. At the bottom of this page viewers will find links to our other associated pages, so that they may keep up to date with our other services they may wish to use.


– Abu Abdillah Abdul Lateef

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