A Fresh Start


We have taken some time to gather your responses as to what you all seem to think that you need the most. We now have taken the time to look through all of your responses. It seems as though the greatest need at this point is a course which both teaches, as well as corrects the fundamental reading, writing and pronunciation of the Arabic Letters and Language.

This is unfortunately a step that is skipped by many and brushed over quickly by many others. We want our students to master this area of studies, as it will without a doubt enable them to tackle the rest of the learning process with much more ease than many of those that came before them.

So, this is the first course that we will be offering. We are offering, due to many of you being at different places in
terms of where you have reached in your studies, private courses consisting of only you and your instructor. This will enable you to work at your own pace and eliminate the hurdle of being with others that may not be on the same level in terms of their abilities.

We have one course where you can register to have class four times in the course of the month (once a week), as we know many of our students are very busy with other aspects of their lives. As well, we are offering the same course, but you will meet with your instructor eight times a month (twice a week) for those of you that may have more free time to study.

The choice is yours. As you see, this is a course that is very much needed. So what we want you to do is take a look at both of the links below which give you the details of both courses. Then after deciding which one is best for you and your schedule, register for the course and be on your way to learning this beautiful language that so many people worldwide are trying to learn.

For the course that takes place four times a month:

[Click Here] for the details.

For the course that takes place eight times a month:

[Click Here] for the details.

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