Learning The Arabic Letters


What is this?

We have put together a free gift, that we would love to see in the houses of the Muslims all over the world. Whether you are one of the youth or the older members of the Muslim community, this will be an asset to you as you embark on your journey in learning the Arabic Language. 

How will it benefit you?

This book was designed, not only as a a tool which teaches you the Arabic Alphabet, but it also is good for those that are interested in learning the Arabic Alphabet. As well, it provides you with ample practice writing the letters. This is one of a set of books that we are putting out for those that are interested in their ability to read and write the Arabic Language proficiently.

How do you get your Free Copy?

To obtain your free Pdf copy of the book, fill out the information below and let us know where to send it. It really is that easy. Then you can print as many copies as you need so that you, your spouse, your kids and anyone else in your Muslim Community who you feel will benefit from this irreplaceable tool.

All that we ask from you in exchange, is that you continue to make du’aa for all that were involved in bringing this project to you.

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