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1 Oct 2017

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 9)

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One thing that each and everyone of us, whether we are parents of the youth or not, we need to make sure that these young Muslims learn some type of trade. We can not keep sending this young men and women out in the world, unskilled and unprepared. When we look at the economy and see the situation of the job market these days, it should make us realize that the last thing that we need to teach our youth  to depend on solely is the issue of someone being kind enough to hire them so that they can survive and take care of their families. As adults we have a responsibility to think ahead for these young Muslims that are trying to get themselves together.

With some time of practical skill, our youth can always work for themselves doing some freelancing work if necessary. People will always need painters, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, people that can trouble shoot problems and do the initial installation of a computer system. A young adult that knows one of these things, will always be able to make a few dollars when needed. Let alone, many of our youth, once learning this skill can use some of their entrepreneurial skills to make this skill a personal business, or even partner up with some of the other youth in the community that work in related fields to make their own organization.

Think about it for a minute. If many of the parents of these youth were afforded this opportunity, do you not see that their situation could have been much different that it has been? Much of the forced poverty, that we find is due to us as adults, even those that are educated, being unskilled and unable to go out and make a dollar when necessary. We have to do something to change this situation for the upcoming generations. Don’t you agree?

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