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28 Sep 2017

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 8)

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Too many times, we see people insulting their children out in public. Calling them horrific names like stupid, retarded, dummy and the list goes on. As a matter of fact, the list gets worse when we really think about it. When the children try to make a statement, or ask a question, they are told to shut up and sit down. We tell them things like children are to be seen and not heard. This is not a good way to raise our the next generation. They go as far as to try to show their authority over them in front of others, by showing that they have the upper hand and that their children fear them by making them tremble or humble themselves at the first sign of their anger. Now I have a question for each and every one of you. Are these those things that will cause well adjusted and productive members of society?

Our job as parents is to build up these children. We should be trying to make sure that the ones that will be taking the baton from us, will actually be in a position to successfully grab it and run with it. This is done by encouraging them to think and be creative. We also do this by listening to them and showing them better ways to do things, as well as way of being more effective when expressing their opinions. We teach them to be courageous and self confident. In other words we do not break them down and make them feel like they do not really matter or count. Rather our job is to build them up and make sure that they are able to be in a position to be the leaders of the future. We have to remember that we may be taking care of those people today, that may turn around and be those same people that will be in charge of taking care of us tomorrow. Sometimes we find that we get what we gave out. Think about it.

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