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19 Sep 2017

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 4)

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There are not too many of us that have not been forced to either personally interact, or witness the interaction with an individual that has no idea how to respect another human being. We need to understand that the children that we raise today, will be the adults of tomorrow. If they are not taught as youth the importance of respecting others, you can not expect that they will miraculously figure out how to do it later in life. This is something that usually has to be ingrained into who someone is, from a young age.

If you look onto many of our streets these days, you find that the majority of the societal issues that we are experiencing come from this problem. Whether it be spousal abuse, abuse of the youth, abuse of the elders, racial violence, many different criminal activities, or other than these things, we find that much of it stems back to this problem. So therefore, we as adults and parents, have a responsibility not only to our children, but to the rest of society to nip this problem in the bud now. This way they future generations may not have to deal with some of the social ills that we are forced to witness regularly.

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