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14 Sep 2017

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 2)

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One major area that many parents fail to recognize as important, is the issue of their child’s  secular education. We live in a world where someone that does not have basic reading, writing and comprehension skills to use in their everyday lives, run into many different obstacles along the way. It doesn’t matter whether they are trying to get a heads up on corporate society, start their own business, or help in the education of their own offspring when the times comes around, they will find that they are far behind many others whom are doing the same things in life. This is not a secrete, as it is seen everyday in many of our societies. I am sure that none of us wants this for our beloved children. Therefore, we have to work hard to save our children from these issues, by making sure that they have the basic level education at very least. This way, if they decide that they want to continue with their education later on, they will have the basic tools to build off of, and will not have to start from scratch, the way many of today’s youth would have to do.

If it is true, that these core subjects could give our children the head start that they need as a stepping stone, how much more would us aiding and pushing them to excel in other areas give them a huge advantage? Our encouraging them to be the best they can be in subjects like Math, Science, History, Economics, Business and the likes would really give them that vantage point that would put them at the head of their generations, in terms of the possible future that they can build for themselves and their families. We have a responsibility to make sure that even if we were not afforded the opportunity to get this type of education, that we at least do our best to provide them the opportunity to partake in it, so that they have a chance at a better future than what has become the reality for many of us.

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