Mission & Vision Statements

Vision Statement:

Here at Arabic Virtual Academy, our vision is to become one of the more reputable Online Islamic Universities that foster the development of each one of our students and to promote honesty, integrity, responsibility, critical thinking and responsible decision-making skills in order to become a fully functioning and constructive member of society in a way which is in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.

Mission Statement:

We here at Arabic Virtual Academy seek to provide education in both Arabic and Religious Studies at the highest possible standards which will produce successful, well rounded and productive members of any society. All of this is to be conducted using a  curriculum which is suitable for any adult or child irrespective of background or origin.

Our goal is also to develop a model which can be followed that will promote critical thinking, responsible decision-making and instill in our students sound Islamic moral values and attitudes. By focusing on all of this, our program has been proven to produce students worldwide, which hold the tools to excel in a diverse society regardless of where they are currently located..

Academy Objectives:

We at Arabic Virtual Academy  strive;

  • To continuously be able to keep our paid courses affordable to any family irrespective of its financial circumstance.
  • To provide only qualified and experienced instructors, with numerous actual class hours spent, dealing with and teaching non Arabs these different sciences.
  • To make our program not only accessible to students in our local area, but all around the globe.
  • To install in our students both practical, as well as theoretical knowledge which will allow them to take what they have learned through our program and make positive changes, as well as being upstanding role models in which ever community they may reside.
  • To continue to develop programs which will train our students not just to be able to implement what they have learned, but also to successfully teach the information easily to those around them in their communities.
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