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4 Dec 2016

Loving Allah (part 9)

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True love for Allah is not only going to cause us to do what Allah wants from us, but it will cause us to “want to do” these things. Just as doing what pleases those that we mentioned before was or goal before, due to our love for those individuals, true love for Allah will cause us to want to carry out those things that Allah has commanded us to do and not just doing it because we have to do so. Rather, as we stated before we are doing it because we “want to” because of the fact that It makes us happy to do these things.

So, you will find that we rush to pray our obligatory prayers, because we love to stand before our Lord. Will will no longer see fasting the month of Ramadan as an inconvenience. Rather, we will look at it as an opportunity to gain Allah’s pleasure. This is because naturally, one that loves someone else always wants to be the cause of their pleasure.

I could go on for days with examples of how this works. But I am sure that the issues is already clear to the majority, if not all of us.

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