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1 Dec 2016

Loving Allah (part 8)

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As I stated before, when we “really love” someone, they never or very seldomly leave our minds. We think about them constantly and continuously mention them to everyone that will listen.

This is what the effect of “real love” for Allah should cause us to do in His case. We should fine ourselves in situations where we always have Allah on not only our minds, but also our tongues. We should always be aware of His presence and be careful not get into situations that we would not want Allah to see us in. We should be constantly remembering and talking about His many mercies and blessings that He bestows upon us on a regular basis.

The same way that we can not stop telling someone about the greatness of our new love in this world, we should not be able to stop telling others about the Greatness of Allah, if we loved Him as much as we love those of this dunya. And remember, that one of the qualities that the believers are praised for having is, that they love for Allah greater than their love for anything.

May Allah make us from these people. Allahuma ameen.

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