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29 Nov 2016

Loving Allah (part 7)

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Over the last few posts we have done a lot of talking about “real love”. We’ve mentioned some of the things it causes both in us and from us towards those what we love here in this world. The focus has been mainly on some of those things that it causes us to do and other things that is makes us “CHOOSE” or “OPT” to stay away from.

Don’t get confused though. Remember that in [part 3] we said we would move off topic for a quick minute for purposes of clarity and clarity. Now as promised, we are going to return to the original topic of loving Allah and take a look at how “real love” for Allah should manifest itself in our lives.

This should allow us all to compare the love we claim to have for Allah to what we see in reality, then fix that in which we are falling short.

May Allah aide us all… Allahumma Ameen

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