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8 Dec 2016

Loving Allah (part 11)

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The last topic I want to address in this section, is the situation of your love for Allah and how it should  be the cause of you leaving off those extras that busy you from remembering Him and busying yourself with His worship.

Now before I start, I want to mention that I am not talking about those things that are haram. Rather I am talking about those things that are permissible. Don’t be taken aside by this idea. There are plenty of things that we do that in themselves are not haram which if we are not careful direct our attention away from Allah.

For example, the sittings that we have with the brothers and sisters in which Allah is not mentioned, or if He is very little. We could even talk about those days at the park or other than that which we spend with the family as an outing. The time we sit playing on the internet or our phones if we had the strong love for Allah as we claim, we would find ourselves either shying away from those things more often than not, or at least be more conscious about his remembrance mention.

If we are so willing to give up these things for those who we love in this life, how much more should it be for Allah?

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