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6 Dec 2016

Loving Allah (part 10)

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Just as in our love for anyone else, your love for Allah should be one that causes you to stay away from those things that you know He is displeased with. In the relationships that we are used to dealing with, we not only stay away from those things that are causes of anger or dislike to our loved ones, whether they are around or not. It doesn’t even really matter whether they know what we are doing or not. But the ones that we say we love more than anything, when we claim that we believe nothing is hidden from him, we engage in these things. How can we justify this?

Your love for the Lord of the worlds should be one that not only should make you want stay away from those things, but also to be displeased with them yourself.

All of the lying, cheating, stealing, loving those things we know Allah is displeased with should weigh heavy on our souls if we happen to fall into them from time to time. We should not be able to participate in those things with a clear conscious and not feel bad about displeasing Allah. This is what real love for Allah should do to us.  

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