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15 Aug 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 8)

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Al hamdulillah, we have finally reached the correct reason in which an individual should use as a determining factor as to whether or not they decide to marry someone or not. This is the issue of Religion. Over everything else, and regardless of everything else, we should be looking at the issue of one’s religious devotion. This is that thing that will lead us to being happy and and having good company. Not any of those other factors that people use, which we have been talking about up until now.

It is easily understood that a person with all the wealth, good looks and lineage, as well as status will mean nothing if the person has no religious devotion that these things are built upon. All of these things have some good and a lot of evil in them. Out of all of these things, religion is the only thing that has nothing but good in it. The good in one’s Islam will cause Allah to be pleased with them in sha Allah and cause their success in both this life in the hereafter. This can not be said for these other things. We must remember that.

Therefore, when trying to find a spouse, we need to make sure that the first thing and the determining factor in whether or not we allow this individual to take a place in our lives, is their adherence to the religion. There is nothing but success found in it.

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