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13 Aug 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 7)

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Now, in all of the previous posts about this topic, we have discussed some of the major reasons that people allow to be the determining or deciding factor on whether or not they decide to marry a specific individual. Again, we have not named all of the reasons. We just wanted to discuss some of the major reasons that we find in these days and times. If we look around, I am sure that there are many others that we can point out that are also very bad reasons to use as a deal breaker in terms of who we decide to marry and who we do not.

We thank all of you that regularly participate in our discussions. Any other reasons that you feel may be unwise to use as a determining factor as to whether someone decides to marry an individual or not, please leave in the appropriate space below. Then if possible, let us know why you think it is unwise. This is the whole purpose of these discussions, the more that join in, the better. Hayyakum Allah.

In the upcoming post we would like to switch the focus a bit, and talk about that issue that should actually be the determining factor as to why we marry or not. Then as promised, we will talk about some of the characteristics that we should be looking for in an individual that we are considering for marriage.

This topic is too important to miss out on, especially in these days with everyone we know who is trying to get married. Therefore, we want you to take a second and register below for the updates. This way you will not miss a single discussion or benefit. Barak Allahu Feekum.

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