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8 Aug 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 5)

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In the last part we talked about women that marry for financial reasons. We all know that this is not the only way in which this situation is brought into play. Rather these days and times, it is all too common for a man to marry a woman so that they can be taken care of financially. If you look, and it doesn’t even take a hard look, you can find some men that marry multiple wives for this exact purpose.

This is carried out whether the sister is well educated and has a great job or her own business. You will find that certain types of brothers will do all that they can do to see about marrying this sister, and this be their only purpose for even considering her. The money and opportunity actually blinds some people, so that they do not even attempt to look and see what type of person that they are inviting into their personal lives and spaces. Does this make sense? Do we not see this to be a dangerous situation.

Others we find look for woman on governmental programs that provide for the homes food, housing, clothing and other types of financial allowances. I am definitely not saying that people that do this all have bad intentions. But we have to admit, that there are people that want nothing other than to be taken care of, even if it is not due to the sister having their own, rather the fact that they receive some type of assistance that will take care for her as well as him. Again, this is not a good situation when done solely for this purpose. Look at how many people that we either know of, or have heard their stories, that have horror stories due to their being blind as to who they were marrying.

We must make sure that we do not let these issues that we have been talking about to blind us from the reality of who we are marrying. We should definitely not make our determining factor being this issue only, nor any one of the previous issues. Rather we need to look at the person entirely before making a huge life changing decision like this one. Or do you disagree?

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