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1 Aug 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 2)

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Moving right along with the topic at hand… People have a lot of different reasons in which they decide to marry. From the biggest of them is fulfilling a natural desire that one gender has for the other. There is nothing wrong with this, except when it is the sole reason that one chooses to marry. If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that this is a huge reason why many people choose to marry. They begin to feel a certain itch and decide… “Yes, it’s time”. Thus, they begin their search to find a way to fulfill this desire.

Being as though this is the real reason they begin looking, it also becomes their only criterion as to whom they will and will not marry. They begin making this very important decision, based on is this person attractive to them or not. They try to figure out if they will be able to fulfill this desire being married to them, or will it be better if they continue searching. Surely, you see a problem with this being a sole purpose for someone deciding to marry someone or not to marry them.

Now that we have come to this agreement and understanding, we need to think about whether or not we know people that have fallen into this situation. Some of us have even fallen into it ourselves in the past. Others have seen it first hand with some of our loved ones. Either way, we need to begin to identify this situation as a problem. Especially when we see that it has, for the most part not worked out in most cases. Don’t you agree?

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